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Development of the concept TERP Book was the origin of TERP. It was designed to exploit new technology to stimulate learning, and was developed as a reaction to the use e-learning as a substitute for classroom teaching. When developing solutions mainly focusing on those who are unable to be physically present in teaching, new technology is used on the terms of old technology. It focuses on old problems, rather than exploring the opportunities available in the new technology. TERP Book is not designed as a substitute for classroom teaching, but as a supplement. A supplement that gives students the opportunity to take control of their own learning.

TERP Book is a tool for self-directed learning. Motivation, feedback and the ability to set their own learning objectives are key elements of self-directed learning. TERP Book includes technology that makes it possible to adapt the books to the reader's preference. When theoretical subjects are customised to personal preferences, students will become more motivated. In addition, the technology includes tests integrated in the books. These tests generate data on the individual's level of knowledge that is used for feedback. Not only feedback to individual students, but also to teachers who can use this information to customise teaching. Using this tool teachers can define assessments for their students, thereby eliminating more than 90% of the work related to assessments.