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This is the story of the Norwegian who has danced with Brigitte Bardot, played poker with Ben Affleck, won the World Championship in poker and been jailed for what used to be the greatest robbery in Norway. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it is not. This is the story of Thor Hansen - "The Godfather" of Norwegian poker.

Hansen grew up in Lilleaker in Oslo, but has spent much of his life in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. While most of us have a regular life putting in hours at work every day, Thor has lived from day to day as a gambler for over 40 years, having no fixed income. He has won - and lost - a three-digit number millions.

Together with journalist and author Roy Kvatningen, Thor Hansen has contributed to a sincere and different biography, providing insight into a life wilder and more eventful than most can imagine. The book was first published in 2010. This edition contains a new chapter and a series of video interviews.

This is the first book TERP release in the entertainment segment.